about aqua pacific artesian mineral water

Aqua Pacific artesian mineral water, A daily balance for your body! Aqua Pacific is pristine water sourced from tropical paradise, FIJI. It is organically filtered in underground ‘aquifer’. Aqua Pacific is exceptionally soft artesian water without carbonation. Its perfect pH factor of 8 classifies it as natural alkaline water. Aqua Pacific is rich in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), calcium, magnesium, silica and other valuable minerals.

Aqua Pacific alkaline mineral water has a pleasant taste and is smooth and soft to drink. It has won the International Taste & Quality Institute’s Superior Taste Award fro three consecutive years and has been granted the ITQI’s prestigious and much coveted Crystal Taste Award

Aqua Pacific is refreshing health conscious water with distinctive smooth unforgettable taste with many health benefits. Proudly Fijian made product.

about bondi chai latte

BONDI CHAI® now in NEW 200g DELI Pack is unique blend of black tea extract, cinnamon and spices in a powdered pre-mix that dissolves straight into milk (dairy, soy, rice etc.) so it’s quick and simple to prepare.

Chai Latte is already the ‘next big thing’ in Australian beverages, and Bondi Chai® is leading the charge. Wholly Australian-owned and manufactured, Bondi Chai® is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ chai latte – selling around the country and around the world – incredibly even India!

Bondi Chai® is ‘Australia’s most awarded chai latte’ has received another award and this one will be very important to your increasingly health-conscious customers…

The Healthy Food Guide Magazine has named Bondi Chai Latte one of the
four healthiest milk drinks in Australia in its annual Healthy Food Awards.

Bondi Chai® is GLUTEN FREE, made from all natural ingredients and is low in caffeine. The delicious Bondi Chai is 98% FAT FREE and contains only 120 calories per 200ml service when made with skim milk. The delicious milk drink can be made hot or cold. It dissolves in milk for a silky and creamy smooth café style chai latte. 200g-deli pack makes 20 delicious drinks.

Club Cinnamon® is a delicious blend, turns up the spice – it is the chai drinkers’ chai. If you like cinnamon, you’ll LOVE Club Cinnamon.

about cor de coco coconut iced coffee

We’ve scoured the globe and found the best coconuts and coffee to create Cor De Coco, a coconut iced coffee that is naturally flavoured, healthy and allergen friendly. Made with 100% Arabica bean cold extracted coffee, loaded with all natural goodness and no artificial ingredients, Cor De Coco offers 30% less in sugar than most iced coffee brands and delivers a delicious taste we love and hope you love too.

Cor de Coco is available in three delicious flavours:
Coconut Double Shot Espresso – Mixed a double shot of extracted coffee with fresh coconut water and creamy coconut milk to deliver a rich iced coffee with an added kick. Experience full-bodied sweetness and none of the guilt.

Coconut Mochacinno – Super food yourself up with raw Kakao, a creamy blend of coconut milk and cold extracted coffee. This is iced coffee and a healthy chocolate flavour at its best. A faultless, clean and sweet coffee to be savoured.

Coconut Vanilla Latte – Madagascan vanilla is literally falling through this delicious blend creamy coconut milk and cold extracted coffee, here we taste delicate, earthy flavours come in to play. Enjoy vanilla sweetness, sans the extra sugar.

about fruitACE fruit drink concentrate

FruitACE juice drink base concentrate is made from premium quality raw materials and manufactured using advance technological process. It is a high strength beverage concentrates that is diluted 1 part FruitACE to 9 parts water. One bottle FruitACE concentrate makes 50 glasses of healthy drink. It is economical and easy to prepare.

FruitACE is a delicious and refreshing fruit drink for the whole family. It is enriched with Vitamins A, C & E that is well known antioxidants, which may help the body to maintain good health and provide protection. It also has Taurine, which helps brain and visual development. FruitACE is free from artificial colours or flavours.

about wild one premium fruit juice

Wild One premium juice range has been carefully crafted to blend a range of fresh and enriching fruits into a single bottle. It has no added sugar, preservatives, colours or flavours and is GMO free. Wild One is a healthy and natural fruit juice. It is natures finest and 100% Australian made.

Wild One is an innovative, trendy brand which is appealing to all parts of the juice market, including the growing sector of health conscious consumers, increasingly educated and actively involved in daily life at work, at school and in sport. Wild One’s ‘NO’ philosophy provides healthy alternatives to ordinary juices. Wild One is a premium juice manufacturer who love to say ‘NO’ to added preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours.

Wild One is juice made of a 100% specially blended mix of high quality fruit. The great tasting long life juice. Wild One is a growing brand of premium high quality juices using only the finest ingredients nature provides. It offers consumers delicious, natural taste plus healthy and refreshing choices.

about wild one sparkling mineral water

Wild One premium sparkling mineral water is lightly carbonated, sophisticated, fruit flavoured waters. It has satisfying premium taste with professional retail presence, premium presentation and appeal. Wild One premium lightly sparkling range is big on real authentic fruitiness and subtle carbonation. Real fruit juices and unique blend of sparkling mineral water makes it the perfect refreshment or with a shot of your favourite spirit. It’s a perfect beverage to invigorate your day.

Wild One sparkling is made from premium quality ingredients, GMO free, all natural and without any artificial colours or flavours. It is great tasting sparkling to create sophisticated and playful flavours that all can enjoy.

Its smaller elegant packaging in 330 ml glass bottle uses less space in storage and Wild One is manufactured in Australia under strict quality controlled conditions.

about wild one organic sparkling mineral water

Wild One’s premium sparkling organic range takes Nature’s Finest to another level. Wild is quality niche, characterized by healthy choices with no added preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no GMO, as nature intended. Sparkling Organic Cola – how cola is meant to taste. Fresh pure. Wild. Organic Apple Juice as nature intended. Harvesting only finest certified organic apples and crafting the highest quality and tastiest apple juice possible. Crisp, full flavored and refreshing. Organic Ginger Beer is made from the finest, certified organic ingredients with full-bodied flavour.

about thai heritage pure coconut water

Thai Heritage brand is one of the best tasting coconut water in the market. It is 100% coconut water with no additional sugars and no water added, in its purest form. Tha Heritage coconut water has a unique taste as nature intended.

Thailand is the home of the best tasting coconut, which guarantees the quality. Thai Heritage coconut water has a unique mild coconut flavour with no aftertaste.

Thai Heritage 100% coconut water is presented in elegant 300ml glass bottle and 520ml cans. This refreshing coconut water is available with pulp or without pulp for your enjoyment.

about meko 100% coconut water

MEKO coconut water if the purest, freshest and all natural young coconut water from coconuts grown in Thailand. It is tasty and refreshing, packed full of potassium, antioxidants low in calories and zero fat. MEKO has no added sugar, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives or additives

about wild one spring water

Wild One Australian Spring Water is purely natural crisp and refreshing, the way nature intended. It’s available in 350ml, 600ml, 1.0 liter and 1.5litre PET bottles.

about kononser gold coffee beans

Konoser Gold coffee are ‘single origin’ Arabica coffee beans grown in the lush and pristine tropical paradise of Papua New Guinea highlands, the home to the finest coffee beans grown above 1300 meters above sea level. Konoser Gold coffee beans are matured for optimum to allow extra time for the oils to develop and the true uniqueness to shine through.

The 100% Arabica coffee beans are carefully handpicked, sun-dried and roasted to perfection here in Australia. Konoser Gold coffee beans have an unsurpassed reputation for their consistent colour, flavor and taste with cafes and connoisseurs world over. Enjoy the sweet taste and floral aroma of this offering of full-bodied coffee today.

about tropical rainforest coffee beans

Tropical Rainforest Coffee beans are grown in similar climatic conditions as legendary Jamiacan Blue Mountains, in the tropical rainforest highlands of Papua New Guinea. This is a perfect environment to grow and supply premium coffee beans to the coffee lovers world over.

Tropical Rainforest Coffee beans are roasted to perfection to enhance its true flavour by releasing its unique natural oils and aroma to give full-bodied flavour in every cup every time so you can enjoy one of the few luxuries in life.