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Mayonnaise, is informally known as mayo. It is a thick cold sauce or dressing usually used in sandwiches and serene salads. The best tasting mayonnaise is made with simple ingredients. There are many variants, however it is basically a stable emulsion of oil, egg yolk, and acid, either vinegar or lemon juice. Mayonnaise is not the same as salad dressing. Salad dressings are much sweeter than mayonnaise and does not contain egg yolks.


The best tasting mayonnaise uses whole foods. Good quality vegetable oil, water, whole egg, egg yolks, vinegar, natural flavours and calcium disodium EDTA to protect mayonnaise quality.


Mayonnaise is high in fats however not saturated fats. One tablespoon of you best tasting mayonnaise may contain 90 calories. If that’s all you’re using, you’re making a relatively healthy choice. Mayonnaise is an essential item on the keto diet too. It’s high in fat, packs a flavour punch and brings your salads to life. It can be a part of a healthy diet when eaten in very small amounts



Studies have found that the vitamin E content in mayonnaise can help prevent strokes. Furthermore, the omega-3 found in mayo is great for keeping your heart healthy. Thus, it may help ward off sudden heart attack.


Mayonnaise contains lots of vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, D, E and K that are all fat-soluble. This means that they need fat to be absorbed and make sure you get all the goodness out of them. Since it is both high in good fat and vitamin E means that eating mayonnaise in moderation can help you take in all of these important nutrients.


Further to helping with the absorption of all sorts of important minerals and vitamins, the healthy fats in mayonnaise can help lower your cholesterol. Mayonnaise is also rich in minerals such as potassium, selenium and sodium. Selenium will fight the aging process and help the immune system by reducing free radical damage, while potassium will keep you strong and help your metabolism.



Mayonnaise is fast becoming everyone’s favourite. In the UK, tomato ketchup has long been the king of condiments, earning pride of place on the kitchen table. However, the reign of red sauce is now over.
Industry figures in 2017 reveal, mayonnaise has knocked it off the top spot, outselling ketchup for the first time since records began.



Best Foods the North American brand is arguably the best tasting mayonnaise. It has the highest quality ingredients and in correct proportions. Hellman’s look remarkably similar to Best Foods mayonnaise; right down to the ingredients. Hellmann’s was a popular brand on America’s east coast. When Best Foods started becoming popular on the west coast, Best Foods bought out Hellmann’s in 1935. Both the brands had such a following that the same company marketed both, anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains is Best Foods, and anywhere west was Hellmann’s.


Praise’s range of flavoured mayonnaises are designed to squirt on a sandwich from squeezable tubes. The flavours are Dijon and honey mustard. There are also three aioli in the range; classic, light and chipotle. These you’d also squeeze over savouries, which some might prefer to dip avoiding the whole double-dip conundrum.


Japanese mayonnaise is one of 20th-century Japan’s Western fusion wonders. It takes an everyday Western product and adds Eastern ingredients. The Kewpie brand, which launched in Japan in 1925, is distinguished from other mayonnaise by its use of only the egg’s yolk and a blend of rice and distilled vinegars. 


Paul Newman’s Own Classic Aioli is full-flavoured and creamy, and all profits go to the late actor’s charity foundation funding things such as teacher training for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.


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