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Buttermilk is traditionally, a by-product of churning cream. It is the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cultured cream. Hence, buttermilk is non-fat and slightly acidic and sour because the proteins in the milk curdled. Buttermilk is a fermented dairy drink.

In traditional Indian household, buttermilk is known as chhaas. Buttermilk has many inconceivable health benefits when using in your cooking or drinking. Chhaas is extensively used in Indian sub-continent for its natural healing properties.


It contains probiotics which means it has live bacteria that help gut health. Many researches are showing that foods or drinks with probiotics can help in treating digestive health issues like irritable bowel syndrome. It is always advisable to drink a glass of chhaas after a heavy meal. The probiotic-rich buttermilk may help cool your body down and wash away the oils and fats that can be lining your stomach walls. Therefore, whenever you have digestive issues, buttermilk can provide benefits

Fighting Acidity

It is a useful antidote that drinking chhaas may help providing relief from heartburn. It counters acidity because buttermilk is a natural probiotic. The good bacteria present in probiotics prevent the gas building up. Bloating often causes acid reflux. Buttermilk allows nutrients and foods to be digested and absorbed correctly. This eliminates and reduces the possibility acidity. Hence Indian dishes are often followed by buttermilk or chhaas. Therefore, next time after either a spicy or heavy meal, buttermilk may provide benefits.

Weight Management

Consuming buttermilk regularly may help you lose weight. In comparison to other dairy products such as milk and cheese, buttermilk has considerably low-fat content. It contains many vitamins and minerals without adding to our calorie intake. More importantly, buttermilk has vitamin B2, known as riboflavin, which may help improve metabolism. A faster metabolism may help burn more calories than a lower metabolic rate, thus losing weight. A full glass of buttermilk also may keep you satiated and hydrated for a significant period of time. This may be helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

Buttermilk Benefits

Buttermilk may help control stomach or gastric ulcers. These are a type of peptic ulcers and the cause of this ailment is acid. It can neutralise acids in the stomach and prevent them from moving upwards in the body. 

There are also excellent buttermilk benefits for our skin and hair. Buttermilk may act as an excellent natural bleaching agent. Hence, you may use buttermilk externally to fight sun damages or tanning. Since buttermilk has a curd base it is a good cleaning agent. Thus, buttermilk can, in addition to your skin, clean your scalps. Furthermore, it is also a good hydrating agent.

Chhaas, or buttermilk can keep you well hydrated. It is full of electrolytes which makes it beneficial too. In summer, instead of fizzy drink butter milk with mint.

Culinary Application

Buttermilk benefits extends to its superb culinary application. It is now commonly used in baking. This is due to buttermilk and baking soda react to release carbon dioxide. Thereby helping dough for, scones and waffles to rise. Buttermilk is also widely used, especially in Mediterranean countries. It is used as marinade whose acidity helps meat like mutton, lamb, chicken or turkey. Buttermilk helps to make them tender and tastier.


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