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Canned corned mutton is a delicacy in many cultures. It is a comfort food that is easy to prepare your favourite dishes. Another name that may be in use is tinned mutton. Canned or tinned mutton has been popular for many years because of its taste, flavour and shelf stability. Hence it is very popular for consumers who may be in a challenging position with refrigeration.




Canned corned mutton is shelf stable and will hold well in any pantry. It is tasty, flavoursome and convenient, especially in remote areas of any country that is challenged. Corned mutton is suitable for delicious meals on the run. Hence, it will suit your busy lifestyle to cook up your favourite meals for the family. It is convenient for delicious sandwiches, delightful curry dishes or baked meals.


Ready to eat


Corning process cooks the mutton therefore it ready to eat. It is a little different to corned meat products that you will buy from delicatessen or you make yourself. The texture of canned mutton is crumbly that maybe mince or chunks.


It is ideal food ready to eat meals on the go, picnics or work lunches. Corned mutton is perfect to sauté with onions and tomatoes to serve over rice and roti or your favourite bread. It is perfect for stews, soups and pastry savouries such as samosa, curried mutton puffs and mutton pies.




One drawback is the fat and sodium content because of the corning process. However, you may take care with adding salt and remove excess fat buy heating the cans in boiling water and draining fat. It is tasty and will cook up delicious meals that you will love.


Corned mutton has a strong flavour that balances the saltiness. You need to taste the difference, hence a definite ‘try me’ food. The unique flavour, texture and convenience have granted a lasting popularity.




When consumed at part of a balanced diet corned mutton is a good source of iron, protein and contains a good amount of essential nutrients. It contains a good amount of vitamin B complex, including vitamin B12, antioxidants and zinc.


The iron helps with proper absorption of oxygen in the blood and produces haemoglobin. Iron also prevents and treats anaemia and fatigue. The nutrients help in maintaining and performing vital organ functions. Zinc helps to heal wounds and acne quickly and maintains proper functioning of the immune and digestive systems. It improves metabolism and controls diabetes and stress levels. Selenium, is antioxidant that are also found on corned mutton. The selenium in it has anti-inflammatory properties, that promotes good heart health. Corned mutton also contributes to overall bone and teeth health.




Canned corned meat is a processed product that was developed as a way to preserve meat for extended storage. Corned mutton preservation provided longer shelf life with a low risk of spoilage before the refrigeration technology was invented. It is an old British method to liberally coating cuts of beef with salt ‘kernels’ enabled them to hold the meat in storage until needed. The modern corned beef technology today prepares using liquid salty brines and spices to ‘pickle’ the meat.


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