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Greenseas tuna chunks in brine and spring water are delicious and packed with natural goodness. It is an Australian brand tuna that is owned, by Kraft Heinz. The Kraft Heinz Company provides high quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, in restaurants or on the go. Greenseas is a distinguished brand in Australian canned tuna market.


Australian Seafood Market

Australian consumes around 25kg of seafood per person per annum. Therefore, it is a significant part of Australian meals. Approximately three-quarters of the seafood we consume is imported from various countries. Australia’s appetite for seafood has seen a growth in imports and the majority of canned tuna available in Australia originates in Thailand. Thailand’s tuna canning facilities are highly efficient and produce high-quality tuna. Its production is cost-effective hence tuna is affordable. Due to Thailand’s efficiency and costs effectiveness currently, they produce roughly half of global canned tuna consumption. Greenseas tuna is also made in Thailand.


Premium Tuna

Greenseas uses premium cuts of tuna which is high-quality chunks that is full of natural goodness. It is the most liked tuna chucks because it is tasty and healthy. Greenseas tuna meat is a pure protein which is 98% fat-free with an appealing texture. It is loaded with natural vitamins, essential minerals and omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats help your heart health and high protein content may help with weight loss. Tuna is an exceptional wellness food in its pure form and may provide many health benefits.


Good for Cooking

Canned tuna is easy to prepare and maybe consumed straight from the cans or cooked. Consumers love Greenseas tuna chunks in cooked dished because the chunks are the right size for cooking. It is also flavoursome, nutritious and tastes great in pasta dishes, baked meals or fish curries. Normally the simplest of recipes taste best hence you will enjoy Greenseas tuna in salads, sandwiches and toasts.



Greenseas tuna is affordable and will add value in providing healthy meals to your family. It is suitable to be part of your healthy eating diet of 2 fish meal per week. Canned tuna suits your busy lifestyle in preparing healthy meals that your family love. It is shelf-stable and handy therefore it should be a staple in your pantry. As well as being healthy and affordable canned tuna is the impromptu meal. Furthermore, because of its affordability and nutritional contents canned tuna is the fasted selling seafood in Australia.


Flavour Neutral

Greenseas tuna chunks in brine and spring water is flavour neutral hence makes it ideal in many dishes. It will absorb the flavour to your creation that you love. You will be able to deliver exciting flavours with every tuna meal to your liking. The combination of natural goodness, taste and flavours will make an instant impression for you to be a star.

Canned tuna is versatile and it helps you create impressive tasty recipes such as curried tuna, spiced tuna with rice, tuna curry bake, tuna orange salad, and let your imagination run wild.

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