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Lamb Shank Delight…

Lamb shanks are heavenly when cooked well. It is one of the most delicious cuts of meat. In fact, lamb shanks are the king of all lamb cuts. Braised lamb shanks, the slow cooking recipe is perfect Sunday afternoon cooking. So, cooking a pot of lamb shanks is a great enjoyment. Especially when you may take your time while enjoying a glass of your favourite red wine. These recipes are worthy of fine dining. Thus far, they are easy to prepare, other than time-consuming. Hence, it needs patience for its fall-apart tender.

Primal Cuts

Chicken no doubt is the most economical. However, lamb shanks, falling off the bones, and smothered in luxurious rich gravy is a perfect Sunday dinner. Thus far, lamb shanks are affordable cuts of meat too. While it is more difficult to cook chicken, slow cooking turns the tough cut of meat into a succulent and tender dish. It falls off the bone and creates a luscious depth of flavour. These recipes are worthy of fine dining.

These primal cuts of meat are suitable for braising, pressure cooking, and slow cooking. Thus far, these muscled meats require much longer time for a perfect cook. So, slow cooking methods help the meat to cook to perfection. It allows vegetables cooking in the same pot to absorb all the flavours too. Hence, the flavours are rich from the bones and natural juices. Normally, the tougher cuts of meat mostly benefit from braising. Hence, lamb shanks are the favourite for everyone.

Slow-cooked tastes the best  

While shanks are not as versatile as other cuts of meat, thus, what it lacks in versatility, it makes up in flavour. Thus far, once lamb shanks are in the dish and either on the cooktop or oven, it needs little attention. You need to ensure there is enough liquid to cook. It must be bubbling away slowly. So, another bonus is that lamb shanks surround a marrowbone. It adds a rich flavour and body to your braising while it cooks the meat.

So far, most lamb lovers have a soft spot for slow-cooked shanks. It looks appealing to view a hunk of tender meat wrapping around the bone. Hence, it hits the sweet spot every time. While shanks are tough meat, they are easy to. In fact, you can never overcook lamb shanks. Hence, if you leave it an hour too long, you still get succulent and juicy meat. So, the worst that may happen is the meat falls off the bone while serving it. Mostly, that is what people want. In fact, if you pull it out too early, it may not be fork ready. So, add more liquid and continue cooking. 

Off the bone

Lamb shanks are best cooked and served whole. They look great on the plate. Thus far, it is certainly prehistoric to eating meat off the bone. So, the muscly meat, when cooked to perfection peels away nicely. It keeps the connective tissues intact. Hence, it gives a more texture experience.

Flavours from bone

While the connective tissues make shanks difficult to sauté, it makes the perfect for braising. Unlike other cuts of lamb, there are limited choices with shanks. You may braise them, roast or cook curries. The longer you cook, the tastier it gets. However, you must brown them before you put them in a pot with stock or other liquid. Thus far, with their shape, they are a little challenging to brown. 

So, with almost two hours of cooking, the rubbery and pale gristle eventually softens. It becomes transparent, hence giving it prized collagen. Hence, after three hours, it turns to soft and velvety extract. It coats the succulent threads of muscles. Hence, it gives a unique flavour through the crisp and melting exterior fats.

Lamb shank curry  

Whole lamb shanks in curry are a fabulous way to enjoy a spicy curry. You will realise what you are missing out on. The meaty lamb shanks transform a curry dish into something exceptional. So, the cooking recipe is similar to a western dish. Replace the cooking wine use aromatic curry sauce or prepare from scratch with spices.

So, you may marinate lamb shanks overnight to allow the season to soak. Rub the shanks with toasted and powdered cumin, black pepper, and salt. You may add a drizzle of light soy sauce and let it soak. When cooking uses your favourite spices and tomatoes to make it saucy. Add enough liquid for slow cooking.




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