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Mayonnaise is a thick cold sauce or dressing generally used in sandwiches, hamburgers and salads. Traditionally mayonnaise is considered of as to spread on sandwiches or burgers. It turns out this creamy condiment has more uses and cooking appeal than you may imagine.

More often than not, mayonnaise is known as ‘mayo’. Mayonnaise also forms the base ingredient for many other sauces like tartare sauce, remoulade and rouille. It tastes delicious with French fries or potato wedges.

Real mayonnaise is made with egg yolks, vegetable oil, an acid like vinegar or lemon juice. Mayonnaise is an emulsion of the ingredients. The mayonnaise colour may vary from white to pale yellow and the texture may be from light creamy to thick gel. There could be many variants in using different flavours.

Mayo History

 In the 18th century, many versions of similar cold sauces existed in Spain and in France. Earlier recipes of similar emulsified sauces usually contained garlic and it appeared in many Spanish cookbooks. The origin of the name mayonnaise is unclear. The protein and lecithin in the egg yolk serve as emulsifiers in mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise is known to be the invention of the French chef of the Duke de Richelieu. It was invented in 1756. While the Duke was defeating the British at Port Mahon, his chef was creating a victory feast that included a sauce made of cream and eggs.

Using Mayo

 The best mayonnaise is thick and creamy. It is rich and goes perfectly well with bagels, bread, potatoes and sandwiches. Mayonnaise makes an excellent salad dressing. It is also a perfect accompaniment for freshly grilled meat. It will surely hit the spot every time. However, the kind of mayonnaise most common are those you can pick up from the grocery shelf. It is the kind of mayonnaise you can make at home. This homemade mayo will be far healthier than what you may buy from a store.

Mayonnaise when prepared correctly is really easy to make. It can be customised to suit both your taste and your diet. You may opt for regular mayonnaise, tofu mayonnaise, eggless mayonnaise, dairy-free mayonnaise, or you may give the normal mayonnaise a jolt of fresh herbs and garlic

You will love the delicious bread crumbed chicken breast or thigh fillets with chunky potato wedges and spicy mayonnaise. After you have fried the batter coated chicken to perfection take a bowl of mayonnaise and blend it with some chopped chilli, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

You may be creative and look at preparing chilli mayo with vegetables for your everyday dinner. You may blend together eggless mayonnaise and add to this some yellow or red chilli and parsley. Blend together and pour this mix over boiled or steamed vegetables. Season it with salt and pepper and enjoy.

Another comfort food is the mayonnaise drenched potato salad on a nippy rainy night. Taking boiled potatoes and mix them up with butter, yogurt, mayonnaise, spring onions, basil leaves and a bunch of aromatic herbs.

Perfect starter to any party at home is succulent fish fillets basted with lemon and salt that is steamed to perfection. Then top it with celery and dollops of salted mayonnaise. It is easy and quick to prepare.

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