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This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home and this little piggy ‘wee’ ‘wee’ ‘wee’ all the way home… so is the nursery rhyme! Hence, from an early age, the story of the little pigs is loved by everyone. As adults, it’s the smell and taste of bacon, ham and delicious ribs. Although lives today are busy with modern concerns, the authentic and traditional methods of preparing food for the bygone era is not all lost.

Food Connection

Fine Foods has connected the great bygone memories with modern international food safety processes. It produces a delicious shelf-stable pork rib which is easy and quick to prepare; ready to eat. You just heat and serve with your favourite sauces.

 The process begins at the farm. Only sows are selected because their sweet meat has no strong odours or flavours. It contracts farmers who do not use hormones. Wherever possible, the pigs are grown using a varied diet, roaming in the fresh air and enjoying the sunlight. Every care is taken to ensure that they are kept happy and healthy. In every case, without exception, Fine Foods uses only ethically farmed animals.

Meatiest Ribs

A pig must reach a specific age and good size to provide the meatiest and thickest ribs, without ‘robbing the cradle’. Once the ribs are received, it is trimmed, packed and sealed into aluminium foil pouches. It is then using a process of temperature and pressure to ensure they are safe to eat. The process uses only a shot of water to help the steaming process. There is no added salt or chemicals. The small amount of juice in the pouch is rich bone stock for soup and a gravy base.

Using Processed Ribs

Having undergone similarly to a long slow cooking process the ribs are succulent and tender. To finish the preparation, you only need a spice or herbs rub or a glaze of your choice, a quick heat under the grill or salamander or in a hot oven.

By chilling the ribs prior to cooking on the barbecue helps hold them together. It also makes you the master chef creating the meal in less than 15 minutes. It is so easy to prepare that it makes an excellent food service product. The taste is superb and the presentation makes this pork ribs a profitable item on your menu.


The beauty of this pork ribs is that you can keep the unopened pouches in a cool dry place at ambient temperature for up to two years. Once the pouches are opened, keep any leftovers in the refrigerator and use within three days.


The sanitation process meets international food safety standards. While pork ribs are processed and packed in a facility that processes nuts, it is highly unlikely that there would be any risk to those with allergies to nuts.

Exciting Ribs

When looking for something more than plain ribs carefully select your sauces for the succulent ribs. You can make it much more flavorsome with Duke’s real mayonnaise, Tabasco sauce, your favourite barbeque sauce or Best Foods mayonnaise.

Pork Ribs History

The tradition of cooking the meats slow and low over indirect heat has become so popular that it has spawned the entire culture. The history of ribs is deeply submerged in this culture. BBQ has a long history, at times touched by controversy. The history of BBQ ribs is as diverse as BBQ itself.

 It’s a path that began in the Caribbean, travelled north by Spanish Conquistadors, moved overseas to the Americas, and then seasoned with flavours of European settlers.

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