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Real mayonnaise is made with really simple ingredients; combining egg yolks with either lemon or lime juice or vinegar with water and oil. Mayonnaise technically is an emulsion, which is a mixture of two liquids that normally can’t be combined. The emulsion results in a thick, rich and delicate cold sauce. The Federal Food and Drug Administration defines mayonnaise as a condiment that must contain a specific amount of vegetable oil and egg yolk.

Mayonnaise Composition

Typical commercially prepared mayonnaise may contain as much as 80% vegetable oil, usually soybean and sometimes olive oil. However, safflower, canola, grapeseed and peanut oil make tasty mayonnaise too. The formulation may have up to 7% to 8% water and 6% egg yolks.

For the product to be classified as mayonnaise, it must contain more than 60% oil and more than 5% eggs. It is permitted to as spices, vinegar, lemon or lime, preservatives and mustard. However, it cannot contain coloured stabilisers and flavours.

Mayonnaise Invention

Mayonnaise is believed to be the invention of the French chef of the Duke de Richelieu was a prominent French statesman during the Bourbon Restoration. It is said that while the Duke was defeating the British at Port Mahon, his chef was creating a victory feast that included a sauce made of cream and eggs.


The theory behind the name mayonnaise is that it is named for Port Mahon. It self-named after its founder Mago Barca in 1756. In fact, the name ‘mahonnaise’ is used by some authors. Chefs also like to call his mayonnaise ‘magnonnaise’ referring the word was from the French verb manier. Manier means ‘to stir’, thanks to the continuous stirring necessary to make a good batch.

Mayonnaise Consumption

The country that eats the most mayonnaise if led by Russia and the top ten real mayonnaise nations is dominated by Eastern Europe nations. Today, mayonnaise is everyone’s favourite salad dressing. Mayonnaise works like magic and has been a staple for millions of people for centuries now.

Best Tasting Mayonnaise

Hellman’s mayonnaise is the best-selling condiment in the USA. Blue Plate brand has edged them all in the taste tests. It now has a cult following because of its bright and lemony flavour. It’s one of the few brands in the taste test that is made exclusively with egg yolks as opposed to whole eggs.

Hellmann’s has a distinct mustardy sharpness that many of the tasters loved. However, its overall flavour is slightly more muted than Blue Plate’s. The texture is a bit more gelatinous too.

Duke’s real mayonnaise has a smooth and creamy texture that has been made and perfected from a family recipe since 1917. Duke’s mayonnaise has no added sugar and rich in omega-3 fats. This creamy mayonnaise is perfect for a variety of cold salads, sandwiches and any other cooking creation you might whip up. Duke’s is the third-largest brand in the USA.

Kraft real mayonnaise that is made with cage-free whole eggs is creamy and delicious. It adds savoury flavour to sandwiches, salads and suitable for those keeping kosher.

Best Foods mayonnaise brand is from the same line as Hellman’s. It is a favourite and fast-selling mayonnaise in most markets. Best Foods bought Hellman’s and merged the two companies. It is a market leader in its own category.

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