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Sita corned meat loaf is a good value comfort food that is simple to prepare. It is meat lovers delight and a good source of iron and protein. Sita meatloaf is good quality, tempting texture and taste good. It is shelf stable and budget friendly. Canned meatloaf is a staple in many cultures and affordable protein replacement. Sita meatloaf is enjoyable in sandwiches, baked meals or an Italian twist making with mozzarella cheese and Italian herb mix.

packing flavour case weight per pallet pallet weight
24 x 340g natural 10.4kg 90 986kg

Best before date:  48 months from manufacture

Ingredients: Beef (18%), Beef tongue, mutton hearts, wheat starch, soy protein, salt, vegetable gums, seasoning, flavour enhancer, antioxidant, preservative, maize protein, water

Product of AUSTRALIA


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