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VIGILANTE MUSSELS | pickled sauce

Vigilante mussels in pickled sauce is prepared with traditional recipe and canning process. Mussels are lightly fried in vegetable oil to golden brown which gives a distinctive flavour and then packed in spicy pickled sauce. It is a rich source of protein, 85g portion mussels contains 20g protein. Most of the fat are in the form of heart-healthy unsaturated fats, making them a nutritious addition to your diet. It also contains certain vitamins and minerals that help support your health. Vigilante mussels are ready to eat from the cans or added to your favourite dish.

packing flavour case weight per pallet pallet weight
2 x (25*115g) picked sauce 7.5kg 118 885kg

Best before date:  60 months from manufacture

Ingredients: mussels, sunflower oil, spices, vinegar, salt

Product of SPAIN

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