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VIGILANTE SARDINES | vegetable oil

Vigilante sardines have a delightful taste, pleasing texture and intense flavour that you will love. They are ready to eat and easy to provide for a meal on the run. Canned sardines are excellent as part of cooked meal or as a portable snack food. It is delicious on toast, sandwiches and savoury. Vigilante sardines are larger fish that are wild caught, good source of lean protein and full of natural goodness. Sardines are rich in omega-3 fats, vitamins and essential minerals, including calcium from fish bones that is good for your health.

packing flavour case weight per pallet pallet weight
2 x (25*120g) vegetable oil 8.6kg 118 1065kg

Best before date:  60 months from manufacture

Ingredients: Sardines, sunflower oil, salt

Product of SPAIN

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