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Sichuan foods…

Sichuan food is renowned for its spiciness and hot flavour, despite it may have sweet and sour flavours too. The ‘five fragrances’ consists of fennel, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, and clove; with hot chilli and Sichuan pepper and most common to find in most households and eateries.

Sichuan cuisine

Sichuan foods originate from the South Western region of China. The Sichuan cuisine dishes are extensively consumed in China itself and are well received abroad. Sichuan cuisine is well known for its deep and rich spicy flavours, especially the taste of Sichuan pepper which is rare in other regional cuisines.

Sichuan cuisine has the reputation for its collection of seasonings because each dish uses different cooking methods. It would not be Sichuan cuisine without Sichuan pepper, black pepper, chilli, brand bean chilli paste, shallots, ginger, and garlic. These are the important seasonings that are a ‘must have’ to bring out the intense flavours in Sichuan dishes.

Sichuan cuisine is one of the eight culinary traditions of China. Whilst Sichuanese is spicy, it does not discourage foreigners from loving it. Sichuan dishes are famous for a flavour combination known as mala, which means numbing and spicy. This cuisine uses dried chili peppers in combination with peppercorns. Thus, the consumption induces a tingling sensation on the tongue. Sichuan’s cooking style makes liberal use of spicy cooking oil.

Sichuan flavours

Sichuan flavours are big and bold, particularly pungent and spicy that results from liberal use of garlic, peppers, and the unique flavour of Sichuan peppers. They are here to infuse your menu with authentic Chinese flavours. The customers are looking for more authentic flavours on their menu. The key ingredient is the Sichuan peppercorns which have a unique aroma and pleasant flavour. Sichuan flavours trend across Asia and Western cuisine.

There are 24 different types of spiciness in Sichuan cuisine. It depends on the age, type, and processing of the peppercorn and chilli that brings out the full and varying flavours.

Sichuan sauces

There are amazingly delicious and authentic recipe sauces that may make your cooking easier. It has a multitude of uses, however, mainly we’ve been using it for quick and easy stir fry or as a marinade for meat or tofu. Sichuan peppercorns give the sauce a really authentic ‘zingyness’ that is hard to replicate. However, it also tastes just fine without!

It is advisable to go lightly at first with Sichuan peppercorn base sauces. They are definitely an acquired taste, fragrance, and complex while having an unusual numbing effect on the tongue. Many people love this taste, and some do not. Hence, the best thing to do is try one! We all taste things differently.

The sauce combinations are the perfect way to introduce the Sichuan twist to your classic meals. It has never been easier to incorporate authentic Sichuan taste and flavours across your favourite menus. It is the latest in Asian fusion. You can craft your own favourite dishes with amazing Sichuan sauces that you will love.


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