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Private Label Branding Private label brands are products generally instigated by retailers or distributors who wish to sell their own branded products. This is in lieu of and in addition to those sourced from other vendors. Private label brands are products specifically developed and sold by the company. Private label branding has many important advantages […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 08 Oct 2019 06:35:52

Breadfruit Diet Breadfruit is a rapidly growing tree that is widely planted in the tropics for its edible fruit. Fruit is most commonly used as a vegetable which is a staple food in many tropical countries. The breadfruit trees add value an ornamental and shade tree. The starch rich breadfruit tastes similar to potatoes, however […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 03 Oct 2019 12:30:38

SARDINES Sardines or pilchards are small oily fish which are rich in nutrients. They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, natural goodness and essential minerals. Fresh sardines are often grilled, deep fried, pickled or smoked. They are commonly served in cans. Sardines are widely consumed by humans and as forage fish by larger […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 27 Sep 2019 11:21:41

COCONUT MILK Coconut milk has the liquid consistency of cow’s milk and an excellent alternative for consumers who are dairy milk intolerant. The liquid is made from the flesh of mature coconuts. The milk is nutrients rich which is beneficial to your diet. Coconut milk contains vitamin C, iron, potassium and copper. Furthermore, coconut milk […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 23 Sep 2019 11:24:43

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICE Fruit juice’s halo in recent times has slipped according to some experts. The warning is that it contains as much sugar as carbonated drinks. Fruit juice is 100% pure juice made from the flesh of the fruit or from whole fruit. In recent years focus has been on sugar links to […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 15 Sep 2019 02:12:32

CASSAVA CHIPS Cassava chips are nutritious, crunchy with a low glycemic index that is an excellent alternative to potato chips. As a child, we have all reached out in taking the biggest chip out of the pack. It was because the longer the chips the more sauce one could scoop without getting the fingers sticky. […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 12 Sep 2019 06:57:06

REAL MAYONNAISE Real mayonnaise is made with really simple ingredients; combining egg yolks with either lemon or lime juice or vinegar with water and oil. Mayonnaise technically is an emulsion, which is a mixture of two liquids that normally can’t be combined. The emulsion results in a thick, rich and delicate cold sauce. The Federal […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 08 Sep 2019 12:56:40

FEIJOA The Feijoa is also known as pineapple guava. An egg-shaped fruit with a thin lime green skin. The flesh inside is cream coloured with a gritty texture. It encases a jelly-like centre closest to that of a pear. The flesh tastes best describes as pineapple, guava or strawberry. Theoretically, feijoa may be a perfect […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 07 Sep 2019 02:56:04

PORK RIBS – SHELF STABLE This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home and this little piggy ‘wee’ ‘wee’ ‘wee’ all the way home… so is the nursery rhyme! Hence, from an early age, the story of the little pigs is loved by everyone. As adults, it’s the smell and taste of […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 18 Aug 2019 03:47:59

  OLD WORLD SEAFOOD PRESERVATION   Tinned and canned fish is the product of old-world food preservation methods. However, it promotes modern convenience, fresh flavours and longer shelf stability. Tinning is just a good method to preserve seafood at its peak condition. From catching seafood at its peak and then preserving it in such a […]

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