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Lami Kava

about Lami Kava

Lami Kava is a renowned Fijian brand. Thus far, Lami Kava is the trendsetter for producing premium quality kava in Fiji. With almost 40 years of experience in the Kava market, Lami Kava produces the finest herbal beverage. Lami Kava uses superior quality Piper Methysticum roots of the Noble varieties to produce its kava. The company produces kava in raw kava roots and powder form. It is 100% FIJIAN kava.

The original company was established in 1982 as Lami Kava Pounding Shop. Thus, it was set up to facilitate kava pounding for its customers. It was by the late 1980s, that the company started selling pounded kava. Hence, during this evolution, the company was renamed, Lami Kava.

Lami Kava prides itself on the quality of its kava. This is made evident of their continuous commitment to quality. They have worked with partners to commission its machinery to improve the process of kava. It uses modern commercial food processing technology with precise and methodological quality control. Thus far, factory fit-out includes stainless steel surfaces to maintain hygiene. With its contemporary cleaning and re-drying, and modern storage facilities, it minimises exposure to moisture and tampering. Hence, proper food safety measures are in place with its certification by HACCP that ensures consistency in providing clean quality kava.

HiLands Foods is privileged to be forming a strategic partnership to import and distribute Lami Kava in Australia. The intent is to market and promote Lami Kava to a prominent position in the Australian market.


about CocoCoast

CocoCaost imports one of the sweetest and great tasting since 2016.   The long journey in search of perfect natural coconut water takes the founders to the Land of Coconuts. It was in southern Vietnam they found pleasant-tasting coconuts.  Hence, CocoCoast was established. With over 40 years of combined experience working for global giants, the founders aligned their dreams and beliefs to start CocoCoast. It is their serious passion for health and wellness that they developed tasty and nutritious beverages. 

CocoCoast continues its passion in search of nutritious natural drinks. With their vision to a transition from sugary and synthetic beverages, to all-natural and pure nutritious drinks they include watermelon water. It is a nourishing and refreshing natural beverage.  CocoCoast watermelon water is pure hydration. It tastes great, is healthy, and is a superfood. Thus far, CocoCoast beverages are free of additives or preservatives and great for your favourite cocktails or on their own.        

MAS Mackerel

about MAS Choices | Yuvi Foods

MAS Choices Corporation manufactures reliable and choice canned fish products. It has a world-class processing plant in Thailand. Thus far, it operates under international standards. MAS Choices is a reputable and reliable company that exports to many countries worldwide. It includes Europe, Australasia, Middle Eastern countries, and African countries. MAS Choices promise to serve good quality products with professional customer service.

Yuvi Foods, a prominent Brisbane importer and distributor is the exclusive Australian agent for MAS mackerel. Thus far, Yuvi Foods are proud owners of Indian Gold and MALO brands too. With a wealth of experience in the Brisbane market, it uses distribution agents in each state. So, HiLands Foods is a strategic distribution partner for NSW.

Thai Heritage

about  Thai Heritage

Homhual Foods Industry owns Thai Heritage brand. It had a humble start over 40 years ago. Homhual Foods commenced its manufacturing business making high-quality chili paste, sweet chili, and hot chili sauce for the domestic market in Thailand. Today they produce a variety of quality products for domestic and international markets.

The team behind Thai Heritage brand has a wealth of experience and the highest of qualifications in food science from Thailand and USA universities. Homhual Foods, therefore, conforms to all industry regulations and standards. Thai Heritage products have won The Best Taste from the National Agricultural Products over many years. The awards and certificates assure that Thai Heritage is palatable, tasty and safe.

Pepe Saya

about Pepe Saya 

Pepe Saya Buttery, since it was established in 2010 has been handcrafting artisan butters and creams, sourcing the finest milk from dairy farms across Australia. The Pepe Saya Buttery is a family-owned Australian establishment that has continuously been extending its product range in cultured and organic dairy products. The turning point for Pepe Saya was the contract to supply its cultured products for Qantas inflight.

Pepe Saya Buttery fulfills the market opportunity to replace the imported French cultured butter for food service, bakeries, restaurants and café with the finest Australian products. HiLands Foods is privileged to form a distribution partnership with Pepe Saya to market and distribute its signature products.

Wild One

about Wild One

Wild One Beverages prides itself on producing the highest quality premium products. It is Australian made boutique beverage that assimilate a ‘no added’ philosophy. So, you can enjoy a healthier and naturally refreshing beverages that tastes great.

Wild One gives you an experience of the wild taste of nature. It develops the finest natural juices, premium sparkling, certified organic juices, certified organic sparkling, natural sparkling mineral water and alkaline water. 

Wild One creates beverages that bring the natural beauty of the wild to you in a single bottle. It ranges from lightly carbonated natural and unique flavour mineral waters to delicious premium juices. Wild One is family-owned Australian company. The objective is to to bring nature’s finest to the consumers


about SolTuna 

SolTuna has been in operation since the early 1970’s in the Solomon Islands. It now accounts for 11% of the Solomon’s national export. SolTuna employs over 2000 fulltime employees. So, SolTuna is a symbolic private sector employer in the country. Thus far, it is a significant contribution to food security in the Solomon Islands. Its current canned tuna markets include the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, NZ and various other countries. SolTuna also exports frozen cooked tuna loins to the EU & the USA for canning.

SolTuna is a single origin canned tuna. It is fished and canned in the Solomons by the Solomon Islanders. The value proposition it offers are premium quality tuna with a unique fresh taste. It is fished sustainably and a great example of best practices globally. SolTuna has a proven positive impact on the local community too.

SolTuna is 51% owned by Trimarine (which is owned by the Bolton Group Int. since 2019) and Solomon Islands Provident Fund. Trimarine and Bolten are founding members of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). SolTuna is proud to count with certifications from the most reputable global entities, such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). It rewards efforts to protect oceans and safeguard seafood supplies for the future generations. Fairtrade, British Retail Consortium (BRC), Earth Island Institute Dolphin Safe, Kosher and Halal with approval to import canned products into the EU and USA markets.

Bains WholeFoods

about Bains Wholefoods  

Bains Wholefoods has been in operation in Australia since 1986. It was originally known as K&S Foods. The dream to share the benefits of a plant-based superfood saw the creation of chickpea chips. Chickpea origin foods have been part of Indian culture for centuries. Thus far, it has spread part of their cultural heritage into Australian households.

It uses a unique authentic recipe. With time, as Australians understand the benefits of chickpeas and enjoy the taste, the brand had an exponential growth. From a humble start, Bains has a state-of-art manufacturing outlet today. Bains Wholefoods is now one of the leading snack food manufacturers and distribution companies. It aims to continue the growth and success in local and international markets.

Bains chickpea chips are of exceptional quality and have a fine selection of natural snack foods. It uses the finest ingredients and is slow-cooked to perfection in sunflower oil. Chickpea chips are a delicious, healthy alternative and are made using traditional methods. Bains Wholefoods is today a renowned family business. It is a wholly-owned Australian company

Global Coffee Merchants  

about Global Coffee Merchants

Global Coffee Merchant and HiLands Foods have a unique business partnership with reciprocal representation in respective territories for business development. Global Coffee is our trusted Queensland partner with a national and international presence.

Global Coffee Merchants import single-origin Arabica coffee beans from the highlands of the pristine and lush tropical paradise of Papua New Guinea. With a close collaboration with the coffee farming community, Global Coffee Merchants have access to premium quality green coffee beans. They carefully roast the coffee beans to perfection in Queensland that is aromatic, full-bodied and a lingering aftertaste.

HiLands Foods is an exclusive supplier to Espresso Vend Australia franchise group, distributes locally, and exports premium roasted coffee.

Kreative Snacks

about Kreative Snacks

Kreative Snacks are the proud owners of Singhs Indian snacks. It is a reputable brand that has been in the market for more than 20 years. Kreative Snacks is a 100% Australian owned. It is a family business. Thus far, it is a leading snack food manufacturer in its category. With a wealth of experience in Indian snacks, it crafts a fine range of Indo-Fijian fusion taste.

Singhs snack range with its origin from India, uses the authentic and traditional recipe. They are made wholegrains using the finest natural ingredients. It uses the traditional cooking techniques to extract full flavour and crispiness that you love! Singhs Snacks are rich in plant-based protein, wholesome and delectable. You can enjoy Singhs Snacks at any functions. They are great planned parties or impromptu entertaining. The snack range are low Glycaemic Index and superior quality Indian snacks in the category. Partnership synergy between Kreative Snacks and HiLands Foods is of an exclusive distributor arrangement.

Exlusive Food Houses

about Exclusive Food Houses

Exclusive Food Houses is a traditional import house that sources quality products from over 30 countries. It is a family business that was established in 1962 in Melbourne to service retail and foodservice industry. With a select range of consumer products to choose from, Exclusive Food’s focus is on importing European foods. Exclusive Food Houses manage more than 600 products with a network of distributors.

SNJ Resources

about SNJ Resources

SNJ Resources is an importer and wholesale distribution business selling to the retail trade. SNJ is a family owned enterprise and the founder of the business has over 30 years of experience in paper product industry. SNJ Resources expertise is in packaging products, cups, and cardboard box packaging. Signature Sensations is a portfolio of a range of exquisite handmade cotton papers and accessories. They bring to you endless varieties of papers and products, new and creative products. HiLands Foods is blessed to be in partnership with SNJ Resources.

Goodman Fielder

about Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder is a leading food company across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific region. For generations, Goodman Fielder delivers well-known brands essential food items every day.  Goodman Fielder prides an excellent portfolio of consumer brands that people know and love. It has some of the region’s largest grocery categories. With its head office in Sydney, Goodman Fielder employs over 5000 people in Australasia and the Pacific Islands. Its brand name products are manufactured in over 40 plants in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

Goodman Fielder products suit every meal occasion, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Furthermore, it has No.1 or No.2 positions in most of the larger product categories where they compete. Goodman Fielder believes that driving environmental sustainability will support vision of building the leading consumer foods business in the region.

Nutrivite Beverage

about Nutrivite Beverages

Nutrivite Beverages, manufacturer FruitACE, a fruit juice concentrate. The company specialises in niche beverages with the emphasis on quality healthy beverages. Nutrivite is a well-established manufacturer with experience spanning over 50 years in the beverage industry.

FruitACE is the signature product, however they also manufacture health drinks, fun drinks, and flavoured cordial drinks. Their attention to detail and quality makes Nutrivite a reputable company. Thus, a leading beverage manufacturer in Malaysia supplying the local market and export markets. FruitACE is exported to many countries including Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Moreover, the company has a particular significance to service, values, reliability and trust.

Tahi Pacific

about Tahi Pacific

Tahi Pacific is a leading international marketing company with an established distribution network throughout the South Pacific. The Group operations began in the 1960’s in Fiji as a food distribution company. Since then it ventured into manufacturing in Fiji and offshore expansion to New Zealand in the 1980’s. Tahi Pacific is a member of the Ashabhai Group of Companies. Tahi Pacific created and owns reputable brands such as Tahi mackerel, Ocean Blue mackerel and Golden Harvest. It has a wealth of experience in distribution, marketing and manufacturing quality products. The underlying focus towards the customer is bringing you the best and bringing it at the best possible prices.

Tahi Pacific own and represent a collection of key brands. Traditionally the focus has been the South Pacific Region. However, Tahi Pacific is rapidly spreading the footprint to expand and become the supplier of choice in the Asia Pacific Region. Hence, distribution partnership with HiLands Foods for the Australian market.

Savaii Popo

about  Savaii Popo

Savaii Popo brand is renowned for its fully organic coconut cream. It is from the island of Savaii. Thus far, it has a lush green vegetation, quality fertile soil and crystal-clear water. So, the fusion of its lava earth surface produces the most luscious flora. Thus far, the coconut fruit produced on Savaii island are always of premium quality and taste. This is the reason, why Savaii Popo can produce the smoothest and creamiest coconut cream in the whole of the Pacific. It is the tastiest, rich and luscious coconut cream. So, it is pure Samoa!

Krissy Company, a member of Ah Liki Investments own Savaii Popo. It is a reputable and iconic Samoan enterprise. They have a unique business model that helps the local farmers to prosper. Thus far, the Krissy Company puts the money back into the farmers’ pockets in Samoa. So, the Samoan supply chain provides benefit to the farmers buying paying for the coconuts sold to the manufacturer. Thus far, the Farmers Association receive a percentage royalty from the sales generated in markets abroad.

Nestle Australia

about  Nestle Australia

Nestlé, is the largest food and beverage company in the world. The Oceania operations is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate. Nestlé is better known for its brands. They create brands that you love and own the brands you grew up with. Many of over 2000 brands are iconic in Australia and globally. Nestlé enhances the quality of life and contributes to a healthier future through its brands. The famous brands portfolio includes Nescafé, Milo, Maggi, KitKat, Milkyway, Nesquick, Allen’s, Uncle Toby’s which are known world over. Nestlé draws on over 150 years of passion for nutrition to bring you tastier, healthier and innovative choices. With the focus on providing local products for local needs, Nestlé capitalises on export opportunities where they arise. Everyday Nestlé billions of life!

HiLands Foods takes great pride in its association with Nestlé Australia.

Colonial Brand

about  Colonial Brand

Colonial mutton is an iconic Australian brand. It is a world-famous canned mutton. Colonial is renowned for its quality and taste. Thus far, Colonial is owned by Bronte Industries. It is wholly owned Australian company. Bronte, is a reputable family business with a focus on canned meat products. Their brand portfolio includes, Bronte, Carters brand of corned mutton and beef. Colonial is their signature brand which popular in domestic and international markets.  

Bronte uses Australian grown mutton and beef, which is processed and packed in Australia. Thus, they use local service providers and supply chain. Carters brand has been in the market since 1979 exclusively to cater for halal consumers. So, it slaughters sheep and cattle under strict Islamic religious rites. Carters products were the first of their kind in Australia to be marketed with the official seal of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC).

Freedom Foods

about  Freedom Foods

When it comes to feeling good and food, Freedom Foods is a leader. What they leave out of the food is just as important to what is in the food. Thus far, they pioneer health food revolution. Freedom Foods is an Aussie company with a mission to ‘making food better’. With a focus on healthy and wholesome foods, they help establish health sections in supermarkets. So, they make nutritious food and beverages.

Freedom Foods helps with ‘free from’ foods for a healthy lifestyle. With their belief that healthy foods don’t have to be tasteless and boring, they have been at the forefront of innovation. Therefore, the Freedom Foods range was born. Thus far, they have been making gluten free foods long before ‘free from’ was known! So, it has been one of the first companies to produce plant-based beverages. Freedom Foods are leaders in dairy products, cereals and snacks.

With their philosophy that food can always be better, Freedom Foods continue to develop foods to make better. It starts from sourcing at the farms, to milling and its delivery to your table. Every product can get our tick of approval. Freedom Foods guarantee you the best and safest foods.

Big Sister 

about  Big Sister

Big Sister brand has been synonymous with quality baked products. It has been an Australian icon since 1945. Big Sister is Australia’s most loved fruit cakes. So, Australians have grown to love Big Sister fruit cakes. Thus far, Big Sister brings joy and delight to people all over Australia and abroad. Over the years Big Sister baked a variety of cakes and puddings. During World War II, Big Sister supplied canned plum pudding for Australian Army canteens in India and canned breakfast cereal for the USA Army.

These world-famous cakes are enjoyed for everyday eating and special celebrations. Thus far, Big Sister Christmas cakes earn their place on the Christmas tables. So far, many consumers believe it is a real honour and privilege for Christmas. Thus far, it has been serving Australians with the best in baked goodness.

SRS Snacks

about  SRS Snacks

SRS Snacks brings the best possible snacking experience. The company select all high quality refined Australian ingredients and manufacture with exotic flavours. SRS Snacks are Australian made to authentic recipes. SRS has gained experience in the market through a period of existence. Their fine performance today results from innovative marketing, an effective integrated distribution system, strict quality control and steady R&D activities.

SRS products extend to neighbouring countries like New Zealand, South Pacific Islands and South-East Asia. SRS name makes a big difference and the reputation helps moving the numerous products with ease and speed in the present day highly competitive market.

Botany Group

about  Botany Group

Botany Group has a portfolio of some of the finest local and international brands. It is a 100% Australian owned business. Botany provide service to Australia’s major and independent retailers. These outlets include fruit markets, department stores and delicatessens nationwide.

Thus far, Botany Group takes full control of sales and distribution. It includes trade marketing and sales coordination with dedicated accounts that enable to represent the brands. A high level of professionalism is required to win in Australia’s complex retail and food service markets. With over 20 years of experience in the food industry, Botany Group now has a national footprint. The key focus for the company’s growth has been to establish a network of people and relationships. HiLands Foods is privileged to be in a strategic partnership with Botany Group. 

Commercial Credit

about  Commercial Credit

Commercial Credit Services Group (CCS) focus is to provide the ‘big company’ experience in debt collections. It is a leading debt collection agency in Australia and New Zealand. With a back up of ‘state of art’ technological platforms and processes it provides a personal service.

CCS has a tailor made and effective debt collection service to meet clients’ needs. Thus far, it has a team of exceptionally qualified and experienced collections personnel. The management team has noticeable experience in all aspects of debt collection. CCS employees are up to date with legislative diversity and governing regulations. Thus far, CCS staff undergo a continual training in Privacy Act and its Code of Conduct to be within the Act’s framework.

The relationship between CCS and HiLands Foods is such, that our preference is not to use their service. However, there are times that we may depend on their expertise with challenging accounts. They help us with positive impact on our bottom line.



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