10 March 2022

Dear Usha,

I can’t thank you enough for arranging the Brunswick premium sardine purchase. I express my gratitude. It was a safe delivery of my goods. I sincerely thank you for facilitating the purchase. I have looked extensively for over a year now to find this product to no avail. So, you have made my day!

I would be grateful if you keep me in mind in future should you be able to more stock of Brunswick premium sardines.

Stay safe, and thank you once again.

Gina Citizen
Murrumbateman, NSW


09 March 2022

Dear Raj,

I appreciate all the information that you have supplied me about kava import last few weeks. It has been extremely helpful.  So far, the hype and interest surrounding the release of LAMI KAVA brand have been extremely positive. The initial order should give me an indication of how much I can move within the first month of sales.

There are other unnamed brands of kava floating around here in Western Australia. However, customer feedback has indicated that they would much prefer the LAMI KAVA brand. 

Marea Murray
Retail Specialist
Maddington, Western Australia


12 Feb 2022

Ni Sa Yadra,
Congrats on the LAMI KAVA distribution. Lami Kava is great grog for any talanoa session. It is superior quality grog and is most talked about in Fiji for good reasons. Lami Kava is renowned for its quality and taste. It has become a major Fijian brand today.

It will surely rekindle many relationships and bring back memories of yesteryears. Lami Kava will bring you back to Fiji time… relaxing time! Its talo time.

Rajeet Singh
Real Estate Consultant
Nadi, Fiji

30 Jan 2022
Bula Vinaka Mama Ji,
LAMI KAVA is the name to trust for kava from Fiji. Apart from the fact that I am from Lami myself, I know the owner of Lami Kava personally. Both our babies were born on the same day, 16 Feb 2005 at Suva Private Hospital. So far, all the kava I buy is from Lami Kava. I know it is number one! All my friends and I love it. One does not just try LAMI KAVA, they enjoy LAMI KAVA. 
Dev Chopra
Kava Connoisseur
Auburn, NSW 2144
28 Jan 2022
Ni Sa Bula Raj,
Congratulations on achieving distribution for LAMI KAVA in Australia. It is one of the top-selling brands in Fiji. LAMI KAVA is a prominent and well-known brand in Fiji. The product quality is number one. It is clean, and consistently top-quality kava. They use premium quality kava roots. You are with the best. Set for you. It is a winner for HiLands Foods.
Krishna Sami
Sales Manager Western Division
Waiyavi, Lautoka
Fiji Islands
26 Nov 2021
Bula Raj,
The quality of TAHI fish is fantastic and well above any other brand we have used in the past. This is definitely a superior option and we have told others that this is the one to look out for if they are looking to buy quality canned mackerel. The smell is pleasant, and the taste is fantastic.
Burnie Grayson
Retail Consumer
Nurioopta, South Australia 5355
22 Nov 2021
Hi Raj,
Thank you for your prompt and efficient handling of our order. It arrived this morning and I was really taken back with the sample packs you sent through. When we opened the box, we were taken back to the good life back home. The kids, now 35 and 33 were fighting to get their hands on the goodies. 
Once again, thank you so much. We will be in touch soon to order some more Fiji goods, now that we know you are there.
Burnie Grayson
Retail Consumer
Nurioopta, South Australia 5355
10 Sep 2021
Bula Raj,

Thank you for the opportunity to taste Wild One premium fruit juice. It is the finest quality and tastes superb. Good to know it is shelf-stable as well as lunch box friendly. Cheers.

Maneesh Sharma
Stanhope Gardens, NSW 2768
14 July 2021
Hi Usha,

It has arrived. We had the taste test this morning and the cheese is perfect. Thanks for your help too. You have exceeded our expectations.

Neoni Banks 
Retail Customer
Narrabundah ACT 2604
02 June 2021
Bula Raj,

I am pleased to hear you bring back SolTuna and Solomon Blue tuna. It is the best news we have heard for sometime. You know that we love the products. It tastes great and it is purest tuna available. Absolutely premium tuna. I will market this for you in our community.

Peter Terry 
Solomon Islander/Landscaper
Windsor, NSW 2756

24 March 2021
Hello Raj,

The Fortune Thai Hom-Mali rice is very good quality. We cooked Nasi Goreng Ayam with it. We need another bag next week.

Satya Khanna 
SNJ Resources
Castle Hill, NSW 2000

01 March 2021
Hello Usha,

I am a fan of your Aussie Desi ghee. I love it. It’s the best desi ghee in the market. It is authentic, full of flavour and aromatic. My extended family and friends love it too. I am such a big fan of Pepe Sayer now that I follow them on their social media. Great product. It’s a winner for you.

Ashna Ali 
State Account Manager
Goodman Fielder
Sydney, NSW 2000

25 January 2021
Bula Usha & Raj,
I am reliving the golden era of Fiji with Tahi tin fish. I just tried your new tin fish in the market. Well, it was new for me. Tahi mackerel reminds me of tin fish that used to be available in the 60’s and 70’s. It is on par, if not better than older brands like SSF, WB and Ocean etc. I am telling you this Tahi brand has got my taste. This tin fish from deep water of Chile packed in natural oil is brilliant.

It tastes great when cooked with potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. I added onions and little curry powder. This was my taste, hope you guys enjoy it as much.

Dev Anand
Medical Specialist Sales & Support
Blacktown, NSW 2148

21 December 2020
Hi Raj,

Thank you for asking. The pallet arrived just earlier today. So great timing for Christmas. People are very happy now to have genuine Samoan coconut cream. I assume it will not last long on my shelves

Thank you once again for organising my orders, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas
Maraea Murry
Kiwi Shop
Perth, WA 6000

24 November 2020
Bula Raj,

Thank you for the Aussie Desi ghee. A lot of ghee has oily after taste. Aussie Desi ghee does not and has a texture which reminds me bit of old days when Ghee was used for cooking in lot of Indian foods. I made Halwa and then tried in dhal…Wow the whole taste and texture was different. Highly recommended Aussie Desi ghee because of the taste and Proudly Australian made. Taste and feel the difference.

Dev Anand 
Medical Specialist Sales & Support
Blacktown, NSW 2148

10 November 2020
Jai Ho Sirji,
Aussie Desi ghee is very good. It is a premium quality product that we used to get in the villages in India. It is delicious to eat on its own or use in cooking. Desi ghee is aromatic, flavoursome with excellent texture.
Satya Khanna
SNJ Resources
Catle Hill, NSW 2154

08 November 2020
Namaste Raj,

It gives me great pleasure that the Aussie Desi Ghee is of top quality. Aussie Desi Ghee is unique, nothing in the market that you would compare with it. The taste and aroma reminded me of the childhood eating handmade ghee in Fiji. I will always be eating Aussie Desi ghee and recommending it to others.

Pt Awindra Prasad (Arya Ratna)
Vedic Sanatan Dharam 
West Pennant Hills, NSW 2125

02 November 2020
Bula Raj,

Aussie Desi Ghee is full authentic flavour, taste and aroma like handmade ghee. This ghee is definitely a superior product comparing to others on the market. One can say Aussie Desi Ghee is out of this world. Desi ghee is a perfect accompaniment with dhal and rich, kichadi or eating on its own.

Bimal Kumar
Public Accountant
Blacktown, NSW 2148

15 October 2020
Salam Wale Kum Bachu,

The Aussie Desi Ghee is superb product. It tastes authentic and looks 100% pure like traditional hand made ghee. I was sceptical when you told me it tastes like hand made ghee from Fiji. After eating, it sure does taste like hand made ghee. Please supply another 2 bottles.

Abdul Qudos
Hebersham NSW 2770

15 October 2020
SSA Bhai Raj,

Your Aussie Desi Ghee is a very good product. Thank you for dropping by the sample. It is good to see Australian product so good. Desi ghee has a pleasant aroma and tastes pure. It reminded me of eating hand made ghee back home, in Fiji.

Robin Singh
Property Developer
Casula, NSW 2170

12 October 2020
Bula Raj,

Bhai, your Aussie Desi Ghee is number one! Cooking roti and maleeda was very tasty. It is beautiful ghee with nice texture, aroma and the taste are out of this world! Absolute delight eating Aussie Desi Ghee.

Azeem Khan
Real Estate Agent
Plumpton NSW 2770

2 October 2020
Jai Ho Raj,

Aussie Desi Ghee is very nice. We cooked dhal with it was very tasty with a beautiful fragrance. Aussie Desi Ghee is 100% good stuff that we can recommend to others.

Abhilesh Sen
Courier Operator
Central Coast

31 May 2020
Bula Raj,

Thank you for the canned fish you sent for sampling. It is great tasting fish which has no fishy smell or after taste. The whole family loved TAHI mackerel. You are on to a winner. Must market well and penetrate the market. Tahi is better than most canned fish on the market today

Arun Verma
Retired Retailer
Moorebank, NSW 2170

22 May 2020
Hey Raj,

TAHI fish is number one! No after taste, no fishy smell. It is perfect for fish curries. We enjoyed canned mackerel after many years. It is very quality fish and good size chunks.

BB Singh
Hebersham, NSW 2770

10 April 2020
Bula Raj,

After many years we tried canned mackerel. The family was pleasantly surprised with the fish quality and taste. TAHI canned fish reminded us of the yesteryears how we enjoyed canned fish curry with roti or rice. Full marks for you sourcing top quality mackerel and best of all it does not have the fishy odour. It is brilliant.

Robin Singh
Property Developer
Casula, NSW 2170

20 Feb 2020
Dear Usha,

For a number of years now, I have been struggling to find a local supplier of Indian snacks that I love. Up until I came across HiLands Foods. I had to travel at least an hour to get the products I wanted, but of recent years I have not even be able to get those anywhere nearby. For the last couple of years I had to stock up when I visit my daughter who lives seven hours away! A couple of weeks ago I contacted HiLands Foods to see if there was any way of purchasing their products without having to travel so far. They have been unbelievably helpful in providing me with the snacks, and I cannot recommend them enough. Not only did they send me what I wanted, but they did it very efficiently. I am a very happy customer!

Reg Litster
Yarrawonga Park, NSW 2264

12 Jan 2020
Bula Boss,

TAHI mackerel ticks all the boxes. It tastes fantastic, no fish smell, and is top quality fish. Well designed packaging that makes the product stand out from the crowd. TAHI mackerel surely represents itself as premium canned fish!

Azeem Khan
Plumpton, NSW 2770

09 Jan 2020
Jai Ho Raj,

TAHI mackerel quality and taste is very good. Presentation is exceptional that places it in the high-end canned mackerel market. An excellent convenient food for a busy person like me. TAHI mackerel is a must for my pantry.

Arveen Sharma
Procurement Officer
Ingleburn, NSW 2565

18 Dec 2019
Hello Neel,

TAHI mackerel is number one! Excellent texture, taste and chunk sizes. It does not have the ‘fishy’ smell. TAHI mackerel will be great for fish patties, samosa and eating straight from the cans.

Maneesh Sharma
Stanhope Gardens, NSW 2768

18 Dec 2019
Bula Bosso,
OMG, TAHI mackerel is taking quality and taste for canned mackerel to another level. It is well presented, well-priced and a great comfort food. TAHI mackerel tastes fantastic straight from the cans with fresh onions and chillies.
Sanjay Kumar
Ozpac Marketing
Huntington Heights, NSW 2767

04 Dec 2019
Hello Raj,
You have indeed found a great quality tin fish in TAHI mackerel. It is tastier than most fish in the market. We enjoyed the tin fish with roti for breakfast as we cooked back home in Fiji. Our request is to maintain the fish quality and great value prices.
Rajend Prasad
Hebersham, NSW 2770

03 Dec 2019
Bula Raj,
WOW, TAHI mackerel was delicious and mouth-watering tasty. Thank you for the sample. It cooked luscious fish curry vaka-viti style. TAHI mackerel is indeed premium quality and great value compared to most canned mackerel. It definitely stands up to its reputation as premium fish from Chile.
Satendra Prasad
St Clair, NSW 2330

29 Nov 2019
Dear Usha,

Thank you for the opportunity to taste your new product, TAHI mackerel. It is first class fish that does not have any fish odour. TAHI mackerel has decent size fish pieces and without much skin on the meat. Fish is well covered with oil and water. TAHI mackerel brought back childhood memories of eating tin fish curry and roti. All in all a top quality fish which will be a staple in pantry.

Savitri Prasad
Kings Park, NSW 2148

22 Nov 2019
Dear Raj,

Thank you for the sample TAHI mackerel you gave me. The fish quality is brilliant and it does not have ‘fishy’ smell. The fish curry was so tasty that my family loved it. They did not leave much for me. TAHI mackerel in number one fish. Good find!

Jack Bechu
Insurance Broker
Arndell Park, NSW 2148

30 July 2019
Hi Neel,

Thumbs up for Duke’s mayonnaise. It is fantastic taste and well priced.

Casula Fruit Market
Casula, NSW 2170

24 July 2019
Hi Raj,

Singhs bhuja snacks are very tasty and crunchy. It is very similar to bhuja mix made in Fiji. The range is big enough to select our favourites. Hot peas are fantastic with a cold beer. Children are loving Singhs mild mix and Bombay mix. Excellent choice of Indian snacks.

Abhilesh Sen
Central Coast, NSW

20 July 2019
Dear Raj,

Thank you for the free sample and recommendation for MAS canned mackerel. It was delicious and good quality fish. MAS was better than other mackerel available in supermarkets. My son who is a fussy eater but loved MAS in tomato sauce. MALO white tuna flakes are fantastic for curries. Very nice.

Blacktown, NSW 2148

10 July 2019
Hi Raj,

Neel had brought in Duke’s mayonnaise for the sample. We have had great feedback for the mayonnaise. Our team loved the taste. It was wonderful. Please confirm if we could supply Duke’s mayo to our customers.

Selu Mataele
United Pacific Freight
Minto NSW

08 July 2019
Hi Raj,

The Malo white tuna flakes that we bought recently from HiLands Foods is very good quality. It is great in sandwiches as well as curries. Malo white tuna is well priced and great value.


Jack Bechu
Plumpton NSW

06 July 2019
Hi Usha,

Thank you very much for you prompt service in supplying Hamper lamb tongues and Vigilante mussels. It is great that you stock these products as they are hard to find. We love the products.

Clifton Beach QLD

23 January 2019
Dear Raj and Usha,

We would like to thank Hilands Foods for your extraordinary generosity to touch our region. We were incredibly overwhelmed by your generosity, thank you for making such a huge difference to so many lives.

The Christmas hampers would not have been such a success without your compassion and love to give.

One Vietnamese lady, she was overwhelmed as she had coconut water, coconut snacks and oil, I am sorry we were not able to capture her joy and thankfulness.

So, so many people have just been incredibly thankful, the flour wow, we had a number of very big families that were so excited, flour and baking powder and especially over the holidays to cook for their children. We have had so many thank you’s and extreme joy from your gift.

Some of the thank you’s that we received.

This one from one of the agencies:

I Just wanted to pass on a message from our client and her two girls who received a Christmas hamper when she received it she began to cry, happy tears. She said “please tell everyone that donated food and items and volunteered their time a massive thank you as without that hamper we would have had nothing at Christmas so blessings to each and every one of you”.

From a single dad:

Last Christmas I had nothing, no food , no presents and no one. This Christmas I had amazing food and even presents and wrapping paper to wrap them up and family. I can’t thank you enough and express what this means to me and my family thank you

Many many lives have been touched and will continue to be touched as we have the pleasure to give away all that you sent up. Truly amazing and truly wonderful.

Words are not enough, but thank you.

Moira Hodgekiss
Icare/Global Care

08 January 2018
Dear Neel,
Happy New Year from Lola’s Island Shop. Thank you so much for all your support in helping build our business. Very much appreciated.
Lola’s Island Shop

Heckenberg NSW

15 August 2017
We have been dealing with HiLands Foods for 12 months and my experience to date has been one of professional courtesy and also of commercial integrity. They have been distributing our products across Western Sydney. HiLands Foods has consistently delivered as agreed with our Trading Terms and through their tireless work have grown our business month to month since taking on ranging our products 12 months ago.
Raj (the owner), has a strong understanding of how to market our products across his prescribed area in Western Sydney and personally ensures that our products are delivered in line with our marketing campaign. He also drives further awareness of our products through a professionally written monthly newsletter that is delivered to all potential clients and reinforces our product advantages to current clients. I also receive regular feedback from Raj and his team informing me of commercial, marketing and consumer opportunities that exist in the market.
I have a strong working relationship with Raj and would personally recommend working with him.
Aaron Aslin
Director Coco Coast
+61 447 600 422

10 August 2017
Ganga (Fiji) Ltd is pleased to inform that we are more than satisfied with the level of service and quality of work of our appointed distributor, HiLands Foods. In particular, Mr. Bachu has shown great enthusiasm in our products and has put in 100% efforts to deliver great results. Never before have we come across and distributor with such confidence and enthusiasm.
Our experience with HiLands Foods has been of exceptional professionalism. We are more than happy to recommend their services to any Fiji exporters who want to take their business to the next level.
Harshad Joshi
Ganga (Fiji) Ltd | M: +679-9999432

09 August 2017

To Whom It May Concern
We are pleased to confirm that HiLands Foods is a reliable distributor of our Savaii Popo brand coconut cream and palusami in Sydney and expanding their distribution of our products to Melbourne as well. HiLands has been working closely with our company since 11 May 2015 and have no hesitation in referring interstate distribution opportunities to us for all other states where interest is gauged.
We, UPF Wholesale are happy to confirm that we have had no issues with payments from HiLands Foods and they have been strong movers and proactive marketers of our Savaii Popo brand products. We understand from HiLands’ active presence on social media, newsletters, promotions that they carry a range of other food items and also distributes all products to non-traditional markets such as fruit and Asian shops, selected IGA and middle eastern market.
Tricia Brunt
Managing Director
UPF Wholesale  | P: +61 2 9603 1900
Division of United Pacific Freight

09 August 2017

HiLands Foods are a successful distributor in the NSW region, so we are confident of our Distributor Partnership. They have a great understanding of the Australian retail market and the capabilities of marketing the JT’s brands with monthly promotions and promotional programs.  They also provide with market updates and sales reviews throughout.

Paul Eickenloff
National Sales Manager
JT’s Coconut Essence  | M: +61 2 9603 1900 

01 May 2017
Dear Usha,
Thank you for your follow-ups. Yes, we received the UFOs shipment today. We are glad that we have received it in time for the birthday party. You have done an awesome job.

Emma Searle
Lindisfarne, TAS

25 November 2016

Hi Usha,

Thank you so much for all your help. I know my boys will be very surprised and delighted. It’s been 30 years since they have had Solomon Blue so they will be very excited. Your service and cooperation were fantastic and I really appreciate it.

Kind regards.

Helen Gibson-McLean

Dalby, Queensland

Dear Raj,

I hope you are doing well. I just quickly wanted to share the email below with you and thank you for providing a good service to the customer searching for Sunquick. I am glad to see that HILands were able to assist the inquiry and direct Mr. Rice to one of the IGA stores near his home, where you have managed to get Sunquick listed.

Well done and thank you very much. Have a nice day.

Best regards/Med Venlighilsen
Frank Rasmussen
Export Business Manager, The Americas & Oceania

Hi William,

Thank you for your mail and comments. I am happy to hear you were able to find Sunquick not too far away from where you live. HiLands are an official partner of Sunquick as well and are doing a very good job, so I am pleased to hear they offered you a good service as well and were able to assist you.

I am aware the price can be perceived as a bit expensive. However, when looking at the price per diluted litre it is not too expensive compared to other juices in the market and given the fact that Sunquick comes all the way from Denmark, I believe the prices are acceptable. At least it is now available in Australia, which is better than no Sunquick at all. I hope you agree and hope it will continue to be available in your preferred IGA store. It is correcting that Sunquick also exists in 2 litre plastic canisters. This product is primarily for the Food Service Sector, but can also be found in a few selected retail stores.

Thank you.

Best regards/Med Venlighilsen
Frank Rasmussen
Export Business Manager, The Americas & Oceania

Hi Frank,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Shortly after sending an email to your company I did another search for Sunquick Orange and found the name and contact details for HiLands in Sydney. The woman I spoke to was very helpful and suggested that I try the IGA Supermarket in Chatham, a suburb of Taree. I spoke with one of the supermarket managers who took me to the section where the product was displayed. He told me that the supermarket purchased a carton of six 840ml glass bottles of Sunquick to determine if the product would sell. I bought one bottle. You have an excellent product which I will continue to buy if IGA continues to stock it, however, I would prefer to buy the juice in the 2-litre plastic bottle as per my sample. Is it possible for me to buy the product in the 2-litre plastic bottle?


Congratulations, a great achievement, with sales on SolTuna. We will have to try and keep up with you in Brisbane! I’ll get the website and Facebook sites updated.

We are glad to have chosen a winner distributor.


David Byrom
Marketing Manager
SolTuna Marketing Pty Ltd

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