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LAMI KAVA AUSTRALIA is a collaboration between Lami Kava and HiLands Foods. It is a meaningful amalgamation of Lami Kava’s intricate knowledge about noble kava and HiLands Foods’ distribution expertise in the Australian market.

Today, Lami Kava shares 40 years of experience in the kava industry. Lami Kava was established in 1982 in a little corner shop. It was initially set up as Lami Kava Pounding Shop with a view to facilitating kava pounding for their clients. Over progressive years, by the late 1980s, the company was renamed, Lami Kava. Thus far, over these years, Lami Kava has become a major Fijian brand.

Lami Kava’s continuous commitment to quality assures consistent and clean products. Lami Kava uses state-of-art machinery and modern commercial food processing technology. They have precise and methodological quality control. Lami Kava engages with proper food safety measures with its certification by HACCP. Thus far, Lami Kava is FDA-registered too.

HiLands Foods take a lead role to manage LAMI KAVA AUSTRALIA. So, HiLands Foods take full responsibility to promote, market, and protect the Lami Kava brand. Lami Kava will distribute Australia-wide through a network of distributors, wholesalers, and resellers. 

Thus far, HiLands Foods is a reputable, contemporary, and progressive Australian company. It is owned and operated by an Australian family. LAMI KAVA AUSTRALIA leadership team has a wealth of experience in the food, franchise, and distribution business. The leadership team focuses on branding, relationship marketing, and customer excellence. The team’s belief in honesty, credence, and ethics, sets them apart. These traits earn an excellent rapport with the stakeholders. Thus far, combining lateral thinking, the old-fashioned service, and credibility earns an encouraging reputation in the marketplace.

Kava is a traditional drink throughout the Pacific. Pacific islanders have been enjoying it for centuries. Kava drinking has always been the cornerstone of Pacific tradition and culture. Thus far, it is still central to cultural rituals, especially to honour important guests. Kava is well known in the Pacific region for its calming effects. So far, the western world use kava as s stress reliever. It is now widely known as a kava herbal remedy for anxiety; however, it needs to be scientifically proven.

Fiji is renowned for the best quality kava product. Lami Kava’s continuous commitment to quality, the company produces the best kava root powders for sale. Thus far, Lami Kava is known for its consistency and quality. It brings great value to your dollar. So, now you can enjoy premium quality Fiji kava for sale in Australia.  

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