HiLands Foods offers hot deals from time to time to promote products/produce in certain category. For your greatest offers on quality international cuisine especially from South Pacific Islands and South East Asian countries check the offers below and join HiLands Facebook for regular specials.


Buy 10 cases 24 x 425g TAHI mackerel get 1 case FREE!

Buy 5 cases  of SolTuna/Solomon Blue tuna, get 1 case TAHI mackerel for $50.00


BRUNSWICK Sardines 18 x 106g  from $27.15/case. RRP $2.00/can

PARAMOUNT Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon


BRUNSWICK Brisling Sardines 12 x 120g from $30.50/case.

BRUNSWICK Bonesless & Skinless Sardines, 12 x 125g from $30.50/case.

PARAMOUNT Wild Alaskan Red Salmon…

Now distributing premium quality SolTuna and Solomon Blue tuna in NSW/ACT. It is the purest tuna you will ever taste… Taste the Difference!


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