HiLands Culture


Ability:  Our ability is what we are capable of doing. It is our motivation that inspires us what we do, and our attitude determines how well we do it. We apply our mental and physical energies to unleash our ability. Our trust in our abilities gives us the confidence even when we think we can’t; we make it into we can! It is our natural ability that mostly raises us to glory. Our ability may often get us to the top and it is our character that keeps us there. It is our disability, the inability to see our ability.

Abundance:  Giving is the secret to abundance. There are adequate abundant resources in the universe for us all to partake, whether in happiness, freedom or love. We allow ourselves to manifest anything we desire fearlessly. The universe holds the building blocks to everything we do to tap into abundance. We tune into abundance and align ourselves with love to receive abundance. Then we challenge ourselves to achieve abundance. Providing abundance is humanity’s greatest challenge and we rise to meet it. The future is better than what we think. Therefore, our behaviour is coherent with our beliefs.

Balance:  Life is a balancing act between what we can control and what we cannot. Balance is something we create because it is not something we find. We constantly work on finding the right balance between relationships and customer experience. To achieve this goal, we put our heart in the business and the business in our heart. God is the centre of everything we do because if God is last in our life, then everything we do will fall apart. Our love for people who treat us right is unconditional. We obliterate those who don’t. We are mindful of everyone while focussing on what is meaningful.

Can-Do Attitude:  Our can-do attitude is the bridge between success and failure. We don’t let what we can’t do interfere with what we can do. It is our belief that we can change our future by changing our attitude. Therefore, we continually work on changing we can’t into we can, impossible into possible and sooner than later, we can say we did! We achieve by being little eccentric and thinking outside the square. Our can-do attitude gives us the capacity to focus on our vision and work towards achievement. In doing so, we put forth the effort and pay the price of success.

Commitment:  Commitment is that turning point when we seize that moment. We, then convert these moments into an opportunity to control our destiny. Our commitment means staying loyal to what we said we were going to do; even long after the mood, we said it in has left us. It’s our commitment that unlocks our door of imagination and allows vision. Commitment gives us the right things to turn our dreams into reality. It is our motivation that gets us started and commitment is what keeps us going. We are committed to quality. We are committed to you.

Communication:  We communicate with respect, honesty and dignity. Our communication is two way, honest and open. Communication is our connection to building long term relationships. We listen because it makes us stronger. We share because it makes us smarter. We listen carefully, analyse diligently and respond by speaking or writing clearly. Our respect for different opinion is the cornerstone to implement plans for a positive outcome. We know, without communication there is no relationship, without respect, there is no love and without trust, there is no reason to continue. It is our intent for timely communication to avoid confusion.

Determination:  Our determination to bring our dreams into fruition takes a lot of effort, self-discipline, and an awful lot of dedication. We focus on our determination because it is much stronger than the fear of failure. Our determination on a purpose, and will to persist on the drive to go the distance, no matter what. We replace excuses with effort, replace laziness with determination and everything else falls into place. All the struggles we go through in the process make us stronger, wiser and humble. We don’t let it break us; we use these moments to make us! Determination today leads to success tomorrow.

Ethics:  Our ethics determine the difference between what we have the rights to do and what is the right thing to do. The time is always right to do the right thing. We believe that everybody has a right to succeed, and success should be with ethics. Our focus on ethics is to be law-abiding and to build our public image. Ethics instils long term trust with our stakeholders. It is important for us to make a profit in business and we do not do this at the cost of ethics or values. We treat each stakeholder with fairness, honesty and credibility.

Excellence:  We are on a journey, in search of excellence. Excellence is neither a destination nor an act. It is a habit of what we repeatedly do. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Our intent is to be the best we can possibly be in our demographics. Being the best and nurturing our culture underpins our pursuit for excellence. It is our consistency that transforms average into excellence. Our sincere efforts, high intentions and wise choices lead us to control our destiny. Achieving excellence is the sum total result of our attitude, behaviour, and efforts.

Flexibility:  While we stay committed to our decisions, we stay flexible in our approach. Flexibility is the key to our stability. We accept and adapt to constant change. Our mindset toward adaptability requires a degree of flexibility and humility. Adaptability is a great asset we possess because life is unpredictable. Things can change without notice. These moments create the opportunity to overcome any resistance and assimilate. Flexibility is the modern-day value that everyone wants; however, flexibility comes with a cost. At times, we may be stubborn about our goals and flexible about the methods. Embracing flexibility helps us with overcoming significant setbacks.

Fun Workplace:  Fostering a fun workplace provides the ability to do amazing things. It allows us to realise what we are capable of doing and may lead us to creative innovations. Fun workplace helps us to build loyalty, enhance productivity and create more engagement. While it is necessary for us to be serious at work, a fun work environment is indispensable. It is having fun at work and our hard work that makes the difference. We are happy with what we have while working for what we want. It is our hard work and having fun at work that makes the difference.

Gratitude:  Our thankfulness is the beginning of our gratitude and gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. It is with gratitude that life becomes rich. Gratitude improves relationships, boosts self-esteem and enhances the law of attraction. Acknowledging what we have in life is the foundation of all abundance. Our gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace to today and creates a vision for tomorrow. Gratitude will open the doors to power, the creativity and the wisdom. As we express our gratitude, we ensure that we never forget that the highest appreciation is not only words. We mean and live by them.

Honesty:  It is the highest form of intimacy and at times, it is difficult; however, not impossible. Honesty is an expensive gift; therefore, we don’t expect it from cheap people. We believe that anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously, may not be trusted. Honesty is the soul and heart of our business. We want to be honest, rather than being impressive. It is the key characteristic of our culture and a strong relationship with stakeholders. We endeavour to be sincere, realistic and deliver our promise to reflect our values. We are never afraid to raise our voice for honesty, truth, and compassion.

Innovation:  We need to think differently to solve a challenge because we can’t use the same thinking we used to create them. We need to think and think creatively. Our creativity allows us to think new things and innovation is doing new things. We are a contemporary and dynamic enterprise, and it is our innovative nature that sets us apart from our followers. We explore the limits of possible and go beyond them to find a solution. There is always a better way and we strive to find it. We look for ideas and then make ideas happen

Integrity:  To keep our integrity intact, we believe in doing the right thing. We choose our thoughts and actions based on our values rather than a quick gain. The fundamental honesty is the keystone of our business. Honesty and integrity are by far the most important asset we possess. Our reputation is more important than a sale and our integrity is worth even more. In all things, we preserve integrity. It gives us humble confidence before God when the ingratitude of people or the injustice of the times may rob us of our rewards. Thus, our integrity is crucial.

Listening:  One of our most sincere forms of respect is to listen to what you have to say. We listen more than we talk. The art of listening is the most useful asset we possess. It requires attention over talent, others over self and spirit over ego. We listen with the intent to understand; we do not listen with the intent to reply. Listening helps us to unlock creative thinking. Therefore, we are as passionate about listening as you are wanting to be heard. We find it important to experience what our customers are experiencing and listen to their suggestions.

Moments:  We remember moments because we can’t remember the dates or days. Moments don’t change whereas time changes. It is in our moments of decision that shapes our destiny. Our relationships with stakeholders are formed by modest moments. We look for moments to make it memorable. Our best moments are not the ‘kodak’ moments. They are kept private and cherished together with the best people. We never know the value of moments until it becomes a memory. Our business life is a succession of moments. When we live each moment, we succeed. These are the moments to remember forever.

Ownership:  We take complete ownership of our outcomes by holding ourselves responsible for our actions and accountable for our results. Taking ownership of our mistakes is the most powerful thing we can do to drive our success. A sense of ownership is the most powerful tool our team has. The learnings from our mistakes are priceless. It makes us stronger and helps make wiser decisions. We do not get discouraged by criticism or pay attention to the fear of failure. When we take ownership, we take chances and have fun. No matter what, we continue targeting our goals.  

Profits:  Profit is a result of our business activities. It is not our sole purpose. Every business must make a profit, otherwise, it will perish. Therefore, we plan for profit because a business without a path to profit is not a business. It is a hobby. We have a purpose for our business to survive, hence it is not run exclusively for profit. Profit in our business comes from repeat customers. Customers that may boast about our products, service or our project may bring friends with them. Our profitability and success are the focus on customers, not on objectives.

Relationship:  Our focal point is to build a successful relationship with meaningful communication, appreciation and understanding. We appreciate the similarities and respect the differences in forming a great relationship. To build an admirable relationship we are patient, persistent and committed to what we do. We believe a strong relationship is more important than transacting a sale. Honourable business is all about relationships. Relationships are what determines how well we build our business. When we build trust, we maintain and grow trust, which builds a more solid foundation for a business relationship. When we are trustworthy, the relationship grows and blossoms.

Service: We endeavour to deliver exceptional service because a satisfied customer is the best business strategy. Our goal is not only satisfying a customer; we want to delight them. We know our customers consistently want positive experiences. Consistency creates confidence, which may lead to retention and loyalty. We are in a service business and we want to put a smile on customers’ face. Our quality in service or products is what the customer gets out of it. We want to earn a reputation by trying to do the hard things well, appeasing the customer. It generates better goodwill and repeats business.

Success:  Our success is a journey, and any failures are part of success. Achieving our success is lots of learnings, hard work, perseverance and sacrifice. We focus on our goals and eliminate obstacles to continue on our success journey. Behind our successful outcome are lots of unsuccessful attempts. While our success is not final, our failure is not fatal; it gives us the courage to continue that counts. In achieving success, we make mistakes; it not repeating the mistake that leads to success. To achieve our success, we embrace our dreams because today is the opportunity to build what we want tomorrow.

Teamwork:  It is our teamwork that gets positive results. We accomplish amazing results because we don’t care who gets the credit. Great results are achieved by our team, not one person. The combined effect of our team is greater than the sum of our individual efforts. In fact, none of us is as smart as all of us. Our coming together was a beginning, staying together was progress and working together is a success. It’s the team unity and collaboration that wonderful things happen. Our team is our strength, and it is the fuel that allows us to achieve uncommon results.

Terms:  We always think in terms of customer benefits. This is what will make us the best company we can be. Customer service today is the new marketing. It is what differentiates our company to another. We focus on customer perception because, for many customers, it is our reality. Being on par with price and quality is now mediocre. It’s the service that makes us win the game. We must go that extra mile. Customers are our greatest assets, without them, there is no business. We may agree customer satisfaction may be worthless, however, customer loyalty is priceless. In God we trust, others pay cash.

Value:  We care enough to create value for our customers. We want to be a business of value than success. We believe in adding value than lowering the price. Nowadays, people know the price of everything and value of nothing. Price is what we pay, and value is what we get. To create value, time is of the essence. We value time more than money because we can get more money and we can’t get more time. It is time, that we use the worst, money is a close second. Therefore, our core business strategy is to add value to one’s life.

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