admin | Food & Beverages | 19 Dec 2020 11:26:29

Sparkling water… Infusing water with carbon dioxide gas under pressure creates carbonated or sparkling water. This produces a bubbly drink that is also known as soda water, club water, fizzy water, and seltzer water. They usually have salt added to improve their taste except for seltzer water. Few manufacturers may add minerals too. Drinking carbonated […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 12 Dec 2020 02:18:05

Australian canned beef… Australia has grown up on sheep’s back. However, the humble canned corned beef was also part of meaningful growth in the Australian nestling meat export industry. Canned beef Britain was meat hungry at the time and was buying enormous amounts of this acclaimed product. The canned corned beef was often known as […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 30 Nov 2020 06:04:51

Palusami delicacy… Palusami is a main dish from Samoa made of young taro leaves and rich, creamy coconut cream. It is a Samoan delicacy. Palusami is almost a staple in Samoan cuisine. Traditionally Palusami is cooked in an umu, a traditional ‘above ground’ oven using red hot lava rocks to cook the food. Palusami is […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 20 Nov 2020 12:06:38

Sichuan foods… Sichuan food is renowned for its spiciness and hot flavour, despite it may have sweet and sour flavours too. The ‘five fragrances’ consists of fennel, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, and clove; with hot chilli and Sichuan pepper and most common to find in most households and eateries. Sichuan cuisine Sichuan foods originate from the […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 09 Nov 2020 05:22:52

Ayurvedic ghee… Ghee is an ingredient that can be used to substitute regular butter. It is a type of clarified butter that contains fewer dairy proteins than regular butter. Hence, ghee is healthier and has many benefits. Many people now accept that ghee may be a more healthful alternative to using in cooking. Ghee production […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 27 Oct 2020 10:01:40

Tongol tuna… Tongol tuna is a smaller variety than common tuna fish. It tastes better than other tuna collections and is a safer food choice with lower mercury levels. The tongol is one of the smallest fish in the tuna range. It is also known as the northern bluefin tuna or longtail tuna. Tongol characteristics […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 16 Oct 2020 09:40:36

Carbonated beverages… Carbonated beverages are generally associated with negative health effects. However, carbonation, itself is not harmful. There are some health benefits in drinking plain carbonated water. Therefore, many people are turning to quench their thirst by drinking sparkling water. Carbonated water Carbonated water is mostly created by infusing plain water with carbon dioxide and […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 10 Oct 2020 05:25:04

Canned meat sales… Canned meat, from Spam to corned beef sales are booming. It has its moment and the manufacturers are pleasantly surprised while few producers wondering what happened. Demand for canned meat is global. In the United States, the sales grew by more than 70 percent in the 15 weeks to 13 June 2020. […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 05 Oct 2020 01:29:19

Cultured Ghee Many people have difficulty distinguishing the difference between ‘ghee’ and ‘cultured ghee’. The answer is very simple to distinguish. While ghee is made from milk, the cultured ghee is made from yogurt or curd. Hence, cultured ghee is tastier, full of unique aroma and flavour. Cultured ghee makes a world of difference if […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 03 Oct 2020 02:20:10

Cooking Oil Cooking oils are plant, animal or synthetic fats used for baking, cooking, frying and other types of cooking. It is also used to prepare and flavour foods that does not involve heating. Typically, oil may be used as salad dressings and dips for bread. It may also be called edible oil. Cooking oil […]

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