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Coffee Cherries

Papua New Guinea coffee industry…  The Blue Mountain coffee plants are mostly grown in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. In fact, to start the coffee industry in Papua New Guinea, seeds were from Jamaica. This variety was specifically brought from the Blue Mountain district. Thus far, it was the inception of the Papua […]

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Canned fish

Fish canning… It is said canning was introduced in the United States of America in 1819. Ezra Dagget and Thomas Kensett started packing oysters and other seafoods in New York. Thus far, credit is given to William Underwood to set up a plant in Boston in 1820. He was packing lobster and fruit in glass. […]

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Cultured Butter

Cultured butter… Cultured butter has a distinct rich and full flavour. It is a clean finish with a perfect balance in comparison to regular butter. Thus far the acidity that results from fermentation process gives it a creaminess. So, cultured butter is lighter and fluffier that standard butter. Furthermore, it is full of good bacteria […]

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eat wahoo

Wahoo fish…  Wahoo is a game fish that is well known to sports fishermen. It is a prized game fish. Thus far, Wahoo is nowhere abundant. They are mostly caught in the Bahamas, West Indies, and the waters of the Gulf Stream. As much as it is fun to catch, they are delicious to eat. […]

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Flour staple…  Flour is a staple in many cultures. Putting simply, flour is a fine powder ground from grains, typically wheat. However, you may grind barley, rice, roots, nuts or any seeds to make flour. When referring to grains and seeds they are usually edible seeds harvested from cereal plants. Raw grains are ground to […]

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admin | Food & Beverages | 03 Feb 2021 10:01:08

Manufacturing OEM & ODM products… When we plan to produce products, we are often asked if we prefer OEM or ODM. It is imperative to know the distinction between the two options. Furthermore, it is crucial to know the benefits and risks with both options Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer term is […]

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Australian mutton canning… Sizar Elliot, an Englishman set up the first Australian meat canning plant in Sydney. He was a merchant who was in importing and exporting business. Sizar was trading in wine, lambskins, and timber before he is pioneering the meat canning enterprise in Australia. The vision Sizar saw the vision in meat canning […]

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Why carbonate drinks… Soft drinks and many other beverages contain a certain amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in them. Gaseous carbon dioxide, when in contact with water, it goes through a chemical reaction. It produces aqueous carbonic acid. This carbonic acid transmits the acidic flavour with a sweet sensation in your mouth. Essentially, all soft […]

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Eating herbs… Herbs are incredible means to add colour and flavour to many types of foods and beverages. Whether it is sweet or savoury, you may achieve various tastes and flavours without adding any fat, salt or sugar. Further to this, each type of herbs has its own unique health promoting properties. Herbs are leaf […]

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Cooking with spice… When you cook with spices, it gives you the flexibility to be creative and bold with your recipes. Spices serve many purposes in cooking. It adds flavour, aroma, taste and the best of all spices allow you to eat flavoursome and delicious food. Spices put an end to eating bland food. By […]

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